Ana Zps – PASS !! Philly USMLE Step 2 CS Experience of few days ago !!



I PASSED. In Philly btw;D
Thank God, not me. All the glory to Him. I was sure I was gonna fail, not bc I’m not capable, but I had very little prep time (less than 2 weeks), and even in those 2 weeks I didn’t really use my time wisely. Maybe i was a bit depressed at the time.
I did so many wrong things…

1. I performed a VERY focused PE in all cases… Meaning no heart, lungs unless it was a CVS/RS case

2. In one case (one of the last ones) I was really tired and the SP talked really fast.. She asked a question and I couldn’t understand properly. I asked her to repeat and I still couldn’t understand, so I said: “don’t worry, I’ll make sure I’ll help you, blah blah”. I didn’t have trouble understanding the other pt though. Actually I had 2 more awkward moments w 2 other pt..Not w regards to understanding them, just awkward moments when I said smth weird.

3. I forgot to ask Ob/gyn questions for a lot of F pt

4. I almost always ran out of time on my PN. But I made sure I wrote my DDX and work up. My PE was always VERY short though;/ (especially bc I usually didn’t do the CVS and RS on the pt). My pt notes were a nightmare to be honest. Always VERY short and with a lot of missing info, due to time limit.

Things I did right:
1. Introduced myself, knocked on the door.
2. asked if they felt comfortable
3. tried to answer all their questions as much as i could.
4. washed my hands always. Tried to be empathetic.
5. tried to explain what could be the cause of their symptoms in a simple way.
6. Almost always finished on time or 1 min before
7. did counseling
8. I had good DDX I believe… Although for some of the cases I had only 2, and it was usually supported by 3 points in average.. Some of them by 2 (the least probable ones). Some by none (third one.. Usually bc ran out of time). I missed 1 or 2 entire ddx I believe, though…

I’ve been praying hard for the last days, and last week I had a dream that I would pass, bc Jesus would honour me. I prayed again yesterday and I felt a very powerful peace in my heart, so I started to thank God for the pass, yesterday already. And I knew it would be by a borderline on the ICE component (almost failing). And so it happened. God is great!

Btw, mypermit link didn’t disappear at all. It’s still there.

Study hard, be confident on the test day. But never hesitate to ask for HIS help. May God bless all of you.

October 12, 2019
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