Allen D’llenzee Omo-ogboi – USMLE Step 2 CS Experience


Preparation time 4 weeks, 2 weeks of thorough preparation at Red roof. I must say I was the worst candidate to ever face this exam because I had VISA issues and even lost hope in the exam but just got it unexpectedly and boom it was a month to exam. I had to prepare to travel and all that within this period that I had only 2 weeks of prep for myself at Houston.
Started with FA, then I read sherazzi halfway. Practiced with several people until I fell confident. My biggest mistake was not typing so fast that I sat for the exam with 24WPM… Terrible…
Exam day I felt confident and had some problems getting some DDs and the day went off.
1. Failed to counsel in most place where necessary
2. Had 1 DD for a patient
3. Didn’t complete one PN
4. Didn’t pronounce one patient name properly and he corrected me
5. Forgot a patient’s name during the conversation
6. Forgot the whole Neuro examination for a headache case that I had to do just orientation. I was lost
7. Did too focused exam I didn’t do HEENT at all and didn’t do thyroid at all even when it was necessary.
I’m sure I have more mistakes

Things I did well.
1. Knocked, Smiled and Introduced myself to the patients
2. Always empathize to show I care
3. Took permission for everything I did
4. Talked loudly and clearly
5. Closed all cases as I wanted to rush down to type my notes because I’m a slow typer
6. Used only standard mnemonics
7. Completed all PN except one

When I remember others I’ll add.
I feel this exam is not a fair exam at all, but I thank God for showing me Mercy despite all my weaknesses.

October 12, 2019
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