Ahmad Ziad Mahadeen – Jordanian IMG – USMLE Step 2CK Experience

Step 2 CK - 268 Experience

Step 2 CK – 268 Experience

Ahmad Ziad Mahadeen – USMLE Step 2ck – 268 Experience is divided into 2 parts:
  • First part is what he wrote immediately after the exam ended
  • Second part is when he got his result and wrote about his experience and journey in depth


First PART:

Salam Everyone,

I can gladly say that today I sat for my Step 2 CK Exam. First of all, I will be writing about my preparation a bit more in detail in a separate post and also I took CK before Step 1 so I might be able to give some insight for people who decide do go that route. Second, and more important, I would like to thank everyone in this group for helping me prepare especially Khayri Shalhoub, Yousef Yosef, Ali Aslan and Soto Moto Usmle Usmle Ky Kiara and many others that I am just too tired right now to remember.

I will try to answer any questions I can, but I might take some time to reply since I will be busy throughout the day tomorrow.

Basic outline for preparation: Graduated June 2nd and started studying about June 20th did 1 month Kaplan Qbank completed 70% percent by subject. Started UWorld July 20th and finished 25/26th. Leafed through Step 2 secrets the last few days. (More detailed in a later post)


Second PART:

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful,

I received my Step 2 score today and it was 268. I have no Step 1 score to report as I have not taken it yet. For those concerned with correlation between self-assessments and actual score, my assessments were as follows:

UWSA: 265

NBME 4: 269

NBME 7: 254

NBME 6: 277

UW First (and only run 89% correct; Mixed/Timed).

Kaplan Qbank (70% completed, about 74% correct if I recall correctly; done by subject and timed)

Daily study time: 10 hours +/- (Averaging 2 blocks per day)

Dedicated preparation time: June 20th until August 24th for Qbanks, an extra week for self-assessments and read-through of Step 2 Secrets. (I would consider all 3 years of clinical teaching preparation though)

Note: I had just finished my final exams and had read through a large amount of text so I jumped straight into Qbanks. However, none of these texts were USMLE oriented, and the pass through Kaplan Qbank served to orient me towards the nature of what the test wanted. Would I recommend doing this in a similar fashion if you didn’t have to sit for the exam quickly…no, but it is possible and it is possible to sit for Step 2 before Step 1. Is it optimal…no. I wrote a post with a bit more detail immediately after sitting for the exam, if I don’t answer any questions then it’s because I’m a bit busy.

Note 2: Most important thing for me was the immense support this group provides and the abundance of information that reminds you that you are never able to cover everything and pushes you to keep studying. Thanks to everyone.

Test date: September 2nd

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December 14, 2017
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