Adel Alhaj Saleh USMLE Step 3 Experience



Dear all! First I would like to thank this group for all the wonderful tips and discussions!
Thank God I passed step 3 and can happily say goodbye to USMLE forever!
My experience is no typical at all and I really can’t give an advice based on what I did but I would say please persist and persevere!
I am an old grad, previous home residency, full time job in the US! I have a wife and 2 kids. My wife is also doing USMLE !
I didn’t have the chance to take any dedicated time off to study, I did uworld one time only over 3-4 weeks, one round only of 54% some onlinemedid videos for the weak points and skimmed some micro and antibiotics from first aid the night before! I only had one day between the 2 days, managed to pass through all ccs cases (only uworld) at least once! Didn’t do the biostat review block!
Took UWSA 2 only 5 days before the test and I got 188! I still went to the test because the first 3 blocks were good only last one wasn’t!
I jumped over this score with a fair amount loool
First day was acceptable
Second day was bad for me, apart from the 2 cases that didn’t improve I had a few technical issues with some other 2-3.
Bottom line, I only wanted to pass, I am starting residency next week!
So, I think uworld is enough enough and enough! Good luck to you all! And congratulations for all who passed!

October 13, 2019
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