Welcome USMLE aspirants,I am a fellow student walking on the USMLE path and i am also the author of USMLEexperience.Review, the go-to website for all things USMLE. Friends, I was in your shoes not too long ago and was preparing to conquer the USMLE beast. It was a tough road and i had to face a lot of hardships along the way, but eventually i made it and scored well on my steps. Along the way, I always wished there would be a guide, a resource or a go-to website to answer all my doubts related to USMLE preparation. Since there was no such website I had to dig through hundreds of forum posts and blogs and message high scorers to get answers on questions like: How to prepare ? What books to use ? What is the best way to use UWorld ? How to use Anki ? How to practice for CS exam ? etc. So after my exams were over i decided to make USMLEExperiences.Review, a website to help you all in your quest to get a great score and get an admission in a residency program of your dreams in the US. I hope this blog helps you achieve your dreams as it has a lot of useful info on how to best tackle the steps and get a great residency.

Additionally this site has experiences of high scorers to help future examinees. I welcome all of you to send me your experience via the “Contact Us” page. We can publish your experience with your name or without it anonymously, as you wish. Also we can include or not include your photo as per your wishes. Just send us a message using the contact us page. 🙂