Abdul Haq Yousufzai – USMLE Step 2 CK Experience 247


My exam #experience
Real exam #score 247.
1. Duration #oneyear and immense studies of at least 12 hours a day for the last #3months.
2. Material. One read of #Kaplanlecturenotes
#UW online, #MTB 2-3, blueprints for OBGYN
3. Did a lot of offline CMS and NBME from the group which totally and utterly ruined my self-assessment, as every time I started a block I already knew the answers.
4. Took my first #UWSA a month before the exam and got 241.
5. Took 2nd #UWSA two days before exam and got 261 (I had a feeling that I knew some of the questions).
6. I did #UW twice and the third time I did only the #wrong answers and #marked questions in the last month before the exam.
7. The real exam sorta looked easier than than the #UWSA.
8. I didn’t pay much attention to biostatistics and epidemiology and got borderline scores in it.
9. I did very poorly on psychiatry even though I consider myself pretty good in psychiatry(many of exam questions were straightforward but the option were very close ones, looked like cousins or twins so pretty hard to pick one ). I had one block of 42 questions (4th) and the last block was 20 questions, the remaining were blocks were 44 each.
10. Last 3 #weeks before the exam I mostly revised screening tests, immunizations, drugs side effects , and my #UW notes inside MTB 2-3(jumping from page to page).
11. I was like a #para-freaking-site on this group and got a lot new info from many guys(may Allah SWT bless you all).
12. Last day before the exam i through up twice due to severe anxiety and did a lot of #surahyasin recitation to calm myself down and it worked(SadaqAllah SWT).
13. The night before the exam, I went to bed at 11PM and stayed wide-freaking-awake until 2 AM. So if you think are going to do a 180 turn of the normal 5 AM sleep schedule to 11 PM , good luck, it’s not gonna happen(start at least 2 weeks before the exam).
I have my #own note(impregnation of MTB 2-3 with UW, pretty sure Conrad isn’t gonna be happy about it), and I am willing to share it on this group.
PS. When I started my #CK Studies, my son was 6-month and I was the only one to look after him as his mother was working 6 days a week which affected my studies to some extent. For those who are single, a 250 score can be easily achieved with 4-6 months of devoted studies.
The fact is, I will never be able to thank enough of this group for sharing your valuable knowledge with me, and helping me get through this massive #milestone.
I thank you all again, may Allah SWT bless you and help you with whatever you desire. Best of luck my #friends.

I will share my #UW notes with MTB 2-3 very soon inshaa Allah SWT.

October 11, 2019
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