262 USMLE Step 2 CK Experience – Alfonso Acosta


Hello! I want to share my preparation and experience in Step 2CK, hoping to help some of you. The basis of my preparation was UWorld, I purchased a two-month subscription and completed about 70% of questions (1816), with 73% correct. In the meantime I reviewed Kaplan notes, especially for biostatistics and psychiatry (my weak points). I did UWorld system-based for the most part, but sometimes I would randomize Gyn/Ob and Pediatrics. I solved an average of one block per day (40 questions), and some days I managed to fit in two blocks. My advice is to use UWorld as the basis, as A LOT of the subjects covered in UWorld were in the real thing. As for the exam itself, the clinical cases to me seemed too long and tiring to read, especially after a while. Just use your break time wisely to get up for a bit, splash some water in your face, eat a snack, etc. The exam is not difficult for the most part, although there are a couple of WTF questions. Psychiatry is a highly evaluated subject in the exam (every block has at least 5 questions of psych), so DON’T underestimate it. I did NBME 1 (offline) in late July to assess my general knowledge, scored 237. I started UWorld in August, did UWSA 1 (249) and UWSA 2 (234) at the beginning of October. Had my exam on October 13 and scored a fabulous 262 To be honest with you, I didn’t expect to do so well considering my scores in the practice exams. I think a great part in succeeding in these exams is to be in a proper state of mind on examination day. Even though it is really grueling to be 8+ hours sitting in front of a computer, muster all of your energy and motivation to get through the exam from start to finish. Good luck to all of you! Saludos de México!

October 11, 2019
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