261 USMLE Step 1 – Dr Keshavi Experience

USMLE Step 1 261

USMLE Step 1 261

Exam on 18th July, Result on 7th August
I had heard the result is declared in 4 weeks, but I received it on the 3rd Wednesday itself.

Started studying for USMLE in October 2018, but with interruptions in studying due to my internship, all my original plans were delayed.

Seriously increased my study hours from February 2019. I used the following material and textbooks:

Firstaid, Pathoma and Uworld. Had started doing Kaplan MCQs but didn’t finish the entire book.

Biochem – Kaplan, Lipincott
Physiology – BRS
Immunology – BnB, and referred BRS
Microbiology – Kaplan in fastforward speed
Pharmacology – Kaplan
Pathology – Pathoma, referred Robbins at times.
Anatomy – did not do any dedicated book for anatomy. B D Chaurasia books have really great diagrams to clear your basics.
Behavioural science – BRS
Biostatistics – did a lot of biostat from here and there, but I would vouch for videos of Randy Neil MD on youtube

DirtyUsmle videos are also great.
Dr Najeeb – for certain topics that I wanted to drill into my head for life.
I had attended CVS Medicine lecture in DAMS, lol. That was useful too.

I would recommend compiling all your material into your Firstaid ( FA ) which would make it easier for you to go through things in the future. I later found this useful hack my friend did of getting binded a plain page between all pages of their FA, I thought that was cool.

NBMES : i gave my first NBME on 15th April. I didn’t know at first that all NBMEs have different levels ( i know. ) and gave 19 first. All i figured is, that there came a long time in the middle of my preps when my scores just wouldn’t budge. They remained the same for a long time. I cannot pinpoint why, but it was a combination of reasons everytime. Sometimes , maybe it was just Astrological LOL.
I tried appearing for NBME every 15 days on average. Last 5 exams i tried giving weekly. Took a week off once for I wasn’t scoring well and then gave the last three.

Also, take care, that the older offline NBMEs are easier than the new ones online. Your goal should include scoring well in the new ones.

NBME 19 – 232
NBME 18 – 232
NBME 15 – 245 offline exam ( approx )
NBME 22 – 244
NBME 21 – 244
NBME 23 – 248

Frustration break

UWSA1 – 269
NBME24 – 255
UWSA2 on 10th July – 260

Real exam on 18th July, Ahmedabad center – 261

Very nice center.
I took approx 10 minutes break after every block of mine. I liked doing it this way. I would recommend taking your break time leisurely.. there is no use in saving your break time minutes, you are not going to be able to use it in answering questions. So. Keep eating, having coffee, water, whatever works.


September 24, 2019
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