261 – Ankur Sah – USMLE Step 2CK Experience

Hello everyone. Got my result today. Let me share my experience-
CK score – 261 (Exam was on 16th May)
The score of self-assessment tests in order –
Offline NBME 3 – mistakes in the 30s (Around last week of March)
UWSA 1 – 267 (1st week of April)
Offline NBME 4 (9th April) – mistakes in the 20s
NBME 6 (15th April) – 260
NBME 7 (21st April) – 237
NBME 8 (4th May) – 247
UWSA 2 (8th May) – 269
FREE 120 Qs (13th May)- 92 percent
Resources used – MTB2 (except for pediatrics, surgery, and OB/GYN section), MTB 3 (what I didn’t study from MTB2), Kaplan lecture notes along with videos (supplemented my MTB with this), Uworld – once offline, once online (83 percent average in online one), CMS forms (3 and 4 of every subject except Family medicine and Neurology, and did all 4 forms of IM), Uptodate (just for confusing topics). Made my own Uworld note for points which were not covered by MTB and kaplan. And made Flash cards form Uworld.
Duration – About 1 and a half year, in which 9 months relatively dedicated.
Exam experience – Sets were tough, 1 set barely gave me time to complete the questions, sets with ad questions were easier for me as only 38 questions were in them. My mind started to get slow and sleepy after the 3rd set. I realized stamina is a big factor in the exam, so practice more and more. Questions length was similar to FRED Qs but due to mental fatigue, it appeared longer.
TIPS – MTB and Kaplan are mostly a waste of time. If I get the chance again, I would do Uworld note (ALL UWORLD NOTE 2019 from file section), Uworld, Onlinemeded videos, OB/GYN videos of Dr. Sakala from Kaplan, active revision using flashcards and study partner.
P.S. – If you have any query, ask in the comment instead of messaging me personally as I am busy with my CS preparation.
Thanks to THAT! Thanks to ALL!
October 11, 2019
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