255 – Fawad Khan – USMLE Step 2CK Experience

Hi all, i am grateful to this group for the guidance i received, thus i decided to share a brief summary of my experience with step 2 CK as i have been receiving many requests to share resources and experience.

Real Deal: 255

UWSA1;263 (taken after completing the first round)

UWSA 2: 260 (taken after the 2nd round, and 3 wks before exam)

Took NBME-7= 25 mistakes offline

NbME8= 13 mistakes offline

total prep time; 170 days (6 months)


;UW-CK, CMS, offline Step3 UW (selected subjects)

I had taken my STEP-1 exam on 5, Dec 2018 and i scored 257 in it. i took a break to relax myself as i was Having Cardio rotations so had no time to start CK prep.

i started prep in March by starting Online UW and would spend at least 4-6 hours each day , (average 5 hours) as i was taking the exam in active residency in internal medicine,

with fresh Step-1 prep ,UW-CK is a piece of cake and those who took step-1 recently should be able to finish 1st uworld round within 45-60 days). i found biostat easier in CK-UW and Gyne the most difficult, but it all depends upon your clinical years foundation , if you have strong concepts no subject should feel difficult. after finishing the 1st round i took my UWSA-1 and Halted UW and started to do All the CMS forms, you can do it within 14-20 days.

after finishing with CMS forms i again started UW and did the MArked questions which were about 1400, after finishing them i took NBME-7 and it was a horrible experience as the exam was way too tricky and hard. i made 25 mistakes and my confidence was gone.

nevertheless i started another round of UW and after finishing the UW i took UWSA-2 and it was 260. i took NBME-8 and it was a sigh of relief as i had only 13 mistakes. but NBME 8 is less predictive. By that time in mid August newer forms of CMS i.e Form 5 and 6 became available and i did them too.

with test in 1 week i turned toward offline STEP-3 UW and did cardio, derma, biostat, gyne from it. it was helpful for real exam in biostat and derma and cardio sections.


this exam was a beast, never underestimate it, i was way too confident , but i couldn’t take a good night sleep, guys believe me you never want to be sleep deprived in this exam as the stems are longer and blocks are more than step-1. i kept yawning during the mid and later blocks and got really frustrated. the exam was a bit vague, and had some step-1 like basic questions and few 2 liners or 3 liners MCQS, there were 4 heart sounds, 4 ECGS, and MAny pictures. if you just focus soley on the exam ,with a good night sleep , CK exam wont seem very hard. Biostat quesions were easy and simple , even the drug adds werent too complictaed, just 1 biostat mcq was out of the blue , rest were pretty simple.

well thats what my experince is about the real exam.

would be happy to answer questions, feel free to ask.

hope that helps, BEST OF LUCK

October 11, 2019
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