242 – Pooja Shivananjappa USMLE Step 2 CK Experience

Hello Everyone!
Got my CK score.. Thanks to this amazing group for helping me out through this journey.
Dedicated prep time- 3 months
Resources- UW and CMS Assessments- All online
UWSA1- 240 (6 weeks )
Nbme8- 237 ( 3 weeks )
Nbme7- 220 ( 2 weeks )
UWSA2- 240 ( 1 week )
Real deal- 242
Questions were weird n vague and nothing like UW or any NBMEs. Each block had typical 5-7 out of the planet qs, 10-15 really lengthy ones, 2 abstracts and rest were mainly concept based. I was exhausted for the last couple of blocks and didn’t think much before answering! So practice time management and build up your stamina for 9 straight hours. Good luck ?

October 11, 2019
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